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Recent Data

Address Point File Updated – Multiple Counties

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce that for the first time the Clay County Address Points have been published and are available for download from the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). The addition of Clay County brings the State’s total Address Point File to 1,485,539 total addresses, and could not have been accomplished […]

Municipal Boundary Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Boundary Changes layers based on the following: Centerton annexations (4) – 2017 Malvern geometry correction – 2013 Morrilton annexation – 2017 Users can review both the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Boundary Changes layers, as well as the associated ordinances, using our web app Check My City located at Users may […]

Arkansas Centerline File (ACF) Update – 6 Counties Updated

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce another update to the Arkansas Road Centerline File (ACF) on the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). This update of six counties represents the fourth release of road data processed in a joint effort by counties, the Arkansas GIS Office, and the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD), bringing […]